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Dew Learning — Online Christian Education for iPad, Mac and PC

Great Teachers

An extensive library of whiteboard instructional sessions delivered by master teachers to help you and your child gain a deeper understanding in difficult areas. See previews here.

Great Lectures

A library of Christian worldview video lectures written by biblical worldview experts and delivered in a style that engages young minds. See previews here.

Interactive Quizzes and Games

Lessons are made stronger with engaging activities created by our instructional design team. These activities are specific to your student’s age and that day’s lesson. Online tests are graded and posted to your record book. Essay results are stored and you have the tools to grade online. In the end, you can mark the final score for unit, semester and final tests.

Backup and Storage

Dew Learning’s Learning System securely stores and protects your student’s records and information. Data pertaining to lessons and report cards is available to you and is easy to retrieve. We backup our databases and store your records until graduation. You can feel assured that you will have all records necessary to enroll in a new school or apply to a secondary or higher educational institution.

iPad and Computer Access 24/7

Your license is for both the iPad and the computer. Both platforms bookmark lessons, track scores to a database, and provide online student progress tracking.

PDF Worksheets

We have also incorporated printable worksheets in each subject for continued learning after the online lesson is complete. All you need is a printer and paper.


Lessons are designed around your school year with progress tracking. In addition, lessons and current events are fed to the platform daily, so all education is current.

  • Art – 72 lessons
    or 2 days a week
  • Bible – 180 lessons
    or 5 days a week
  • Language Arts – 180 lessons
    or 5 days a week
  • Math – 180 lessons
    or 5 days a week
  • Music – 72 lessons
    or 2 days a week
  • PE/Health – 108 lessons
    or 3 days a week
  • Science – 108 lessons
    or 3 days a week
  • Social Studies – 108 lessons
    or 3 days a week

We have currently put a pause on selling curricula. Stay Tuned!